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baby must haves

I have a two month old and these are some baby must haves from Amazon that I can't live without.

Baby nail trimmer... cutting your babies nails doesn't have to be scary. This electric nail trimmer is so easy to use and not painful. I use it at least once a week so my little guy doesn't scratch up his face.

Baby Brezza Formula maker... This has made all of our feedings so easy. You can choose the right temperature and amount of ounces that your baby needs. The bottle is ready in seconds, Dad approved!

Dreamland sleep sack... This has changed the way our baby sleeps. Longer stretches and he doesn't wake himself up from the startle reflex. 

Swaddle me pods... These made swaddling so easy. Our baby got used to being swaddled in these, no more hands breaking free.

Baby Swing... The Maxi-Cosi baby swing is esthetically pleasing and practical. It's the perfect place to put your newborn when napping or just a safe place to put them down when you have to do the dishes.

Boppy Pillow... We love this pillow! Perfect for making bottle feeds or breast feeding more comfortable. Also great to place baby on for tummy time or to aid in sitting up when they aren't strong enough. 

Portable fan... If you have a summer baby you need this! This powerful fan keeps your baby comfortable while sitting in the car seat or stroller. The flexible arms make it convenient to place anywhere.

Hatch sound machine... Since our newborn isn't sleeping in his room yet we have this set up on the changing table as a night light. We love the light and sound options, can't wait to use it to its full potential when the baby sleeps in the crib.

Portable sound machine... We use this everyday multiple times a day for naps and night sleep while he is in the bassinet. Its also great for on the go.. carseat and stroller.


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